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Tuesday Apr 21 2015

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12:30 p 9.166 Geometry Seminar
Luigi Vezzoni: The Calabi-Yau problem in symplectic geometry and Monge-Ampere equation

Upcoming Conferences

We are Texas

Simons Conference on Networks and Stochastic Geometry
May 18-22, 2015, Blanton Museum of Art, UT Austin

Calculus of Variations and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
May 18-29, 2015, UT Austin

Workshop on Mapping Class Groups and Out(FN)
May 25-30, 2015, UT Austin



Latest News

A. Hager and R. Ward to Receive Awards

April 3 , 2015

Amanda Hager has been selected to hold a Dads' Association Centennial Teaching Fellowship for Fall 2015.

Rachel Ward has been awarded an ICES Grand Challenge Faculty Award for Fall 2015.


Tim Perutz

Tim Perutz Receives a NSF Career Award

April 1 , 2015

Tim Perutz has been awarded a National Science Foundation Career award. Congratulations to Tim on this recognition.

Bjorn Engquist

Bjorn Engquist has been awarded the ICIAM Pioneer Prize

March 17 , 2015

Bjorn Engquist has been awarded the ICIAM Pioneer Prize for his fundamental contributions in the field of applied mathematics, numerical analysis and scientific computing, which have had long-lasting impact in the field as well as successful applications in science, engineering and industry.

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Luis Caffarelli

Luis Caffarelli has been elected to the Spanish Academy of Sciences

March 09 , 2015

Congratulations to Luis on another honor to recognize his distinguished career.

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G Cepparo, A Hager and R. Heitmann to receive teaching awards

G. Cepparo, A. Hager and R. Heitmann to Receive Teaching Awards

March 10 , 2015

Gustavo Cepparo and Amanda Hager have been selected to receive 2015 College of Natural Sciences Teaching Excellence Award. Ray Heitmann is this years recipient of the departmental John Durbin Teaching Award. Congratulations to Gustavo, Amanda and Ray!

UT Tower

UT Math on the Web

Feb 5 , 2015

The Math Dept is making news on campus this week. Firstly, the continuing succesful recruitment of female graduate students has gained wide recognition. See "Graduate Student Sisters" and "Female enrollment in UT math graduate program is on the rise". Secondly, Luis Caffarelli explains the role of understanding Navier-Stokes Equations in modern science in this Interview with Luis Caffarelli.

Ren Kui

Kui Ren was awarded the MediaV Young Researcher Award

Jan 12 , 2015

Kui Ren was awarded the MediaV Young Researcher Award at the International Conference on Inverse Problems and Related Topics, 2014 in Tapei.

This prize is awarded to scientists who are 40 years old or less and who have made important contributions to the field of inverse problems. Read More ... and more