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Friday Nov 17 2017

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2:00 p 11.176 Representation Theory
Harrison Chen: Periodic Localization in Cyclic Homology
3:00 p 10.176 Jr Analysis
Logan Stokols: De Giorgi Method: Applications to Highly Non-linear Equations

Upcoming Conferences

We are Texas


University of Texas at Austin, November 17-19, 2017

The weekend-long TGTC conference at the Mathematics Department of UT Austin features leading researchers in low-dimensional topology, hyperbolic geometry, geometric group theory, gauge theory and symplectic topology.


Latest News

Lewis Bowen

Lewis Bowen to receive 2017 Brin Prize

Oct 9 , 2017

Professor Lewis Bowen will receive the 2017 Brin Prize in Dynamical Systems. The prize is awarded every two years to mathematicians who have made outstanding advances in the field of dynamical systems and are within 14 years of their PhD.



The work of Alexis Vasseur and Cheng Yu will be the topic of a presentation at the Seminaire Bourbaki in IHP, Paris

June 7, 2017

The Sèminaire Nicolas Bourbaki (Bourbaki Seminar) is a series of seminars (in fact public lectures with printed notes distributed) that has been held in Paris since 1948. It is one of the major institutions of contemporary mathematics, and a barometer of mathematical achievement, fashion, and reputation. Read More ...

James Carter

James Carter Smith won the Marjorie Morales Award for Excellence in Mathematics Research

May 1 , 2017

James "Carter" Smith, an undergraduate in mathematics, won the Marjorie Morales Award for Excellence in Mathematics Research. He participated the Undergraduate Research Forum 2017 with a project titled "Determining a Number Through its Sum of Divisors." Carter's graduate mentor on the project was Alessandro Rezende de Macedo and Dr. Mark Daniels was project advisor.


Invited talks at ICM 2018

April 15 , 2017

Lewis Bowen, Sean Keel, and Alan Reid have been invited to present 45 min talks at the International Congress of Mathematicians 2018 in Rio de Janeiro. We congratulate them for this high distinction.