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Grader Application and Information for Fall 2020

To work as an undergraduate grader, you must be admitted to the university, be in good academic standing, and be enrolled in at least 12 semester credit hours for that semester.  If you are hired as a grader, your total employment in any title at UT Austin may not exceed 20 hours per week.

There are usually more applicants than positions, so if you aren't hired, please apply again next semester.  The best way to get hired as a grader is to make A's in your math classes.

Students we hire will be notified by email a week or so before classes start.  Most grader appointments are for eight (one class) or sixteen (two classes) hours a week.

If you submit an application, and anything changes, please notify us as soon as possible, so we can change or cancel your application.

All graders must have a social security number presented by the third working day or their employment offer will be canceled. This is a security sensitive position and will require a background check.

If you have any questions, or are a graduating senior who will be enrolled in less than 12 hours, please contact Russ Woodward at ugradcoord@math.utexas.edu.

The online grader application is available here.