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Teaching Assistants are graduate students who help faculty with the conduct and delivery of courses. Services provided by teaching assistants include, but are not limited to, grading, monitoring, leading lab and/or discussion sessions, offering office hour assistance to students, and performing clerical tasks associated with course instruction. Teaching assistants are supervised by the course instructor of record and are subject to established departmental policies on student academic employment.  The duties of a Mathematics Teaching Assistant (TA) can vary from course to course; please see a list of duties pdfhere.


Eligibility Considerations & Requirements

To be eligible for appointment as a teaching assistant a nominee must: 

  • Be a degree-seeking graduate student without existing admissions conditions imposed by the Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies;
  • Be in good academic standing and making satisfactory progress toward a graduate degree;
  • Remain registered in courses that count toward the graduate degree for at least nine semester hours during each semester of the long session; and
  • If holding an appointment for any summer term (first six weeks, second six weeks, nine weeks or twelve weeks), must remain registered in courses that count toward the graduate degree for at least three summer hours during any term of the summer session.

The following criteria have been established for selecting Teaching Assistants:

  • Graduate students who have received excellent grades in Calculus courses and in any upper-division mathematics courses taken.
  • Graduate students who have previous teaching experience are preferred. 
  • Graduate students who have completed 398T - Supervised Teaching are preferred.

Each student selected as a Teaching Assistant in the Mathematics Department may be asked questions to determine his/her proficiency in the course the student will assist. International students are required to have competed ITA English Certification. Read more about the International Teaching Assistant (ITA) English Certification 

All new Teaching Assistants must present proof of eligibility for employment by completing Employee Onboarding Tasks in Workday. Tasks will be available for you to complete via Workday upon acceptance of employment. A criminal background check is conducted for all new university employees. 

New Student Employee Checklist

International Student Employee Checklist

Teaching Assistants will be appointed for 10 or 20 hours per week depending on such factors as class size, frequency and type of assistance required, etc.

Please contact Liesbeth Demaer if you have any questions regarding this application.


Submit your application

Online Teaching Assistant Application

Submit your schedule of availabilityPlease submit your schedule as soon as possible, but no later than mid-July for Fall assignments, mid-November for Spring assignments and mid-April for Summer assignments.

Applications for Fall must be submitted by mid-July and will be selected by August 15.
Application for Spring must be submitted by mid-November and will be selected by December 15.
Applications for Summer must be submitted by mid-April and will be selected by May 15.

Incoming students: please submit your schedule of availability as soon as you are able to.

Pending changes in the course schedule, hiring may happen after the dates listed above. If you do not hear from our office by the first day of classes, you can assume we will not hire you. Please do not email application materials to our office. We do not accept applications via email and do not keep the information sent on file. The only applications considered are those filled out using the online application form. Contacting the office directly regarding your application status will not improve your chances of being hired as we give equal consideration to all applications.