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GRASP Lectures

GRASP is a lecture series at the University of Texas at Austin, which is aimed at bringing some of the fundamental concepts and big picture of the GRASP (Geometry, Representation and some Physics) areas to a wider audience (the intended target audience are beginning graduate students).

See GRASP home for a complete listing of GRASP lectures.


Perspectives in Geometry Lectures

Each year, distinguished geometers visit Austin to give special short courses that cover recent developments in geometry. These Perspectives in Geometry lectures are open to all geometers; students and postdocs are especially encouraged to attend. These lectures are designed to be a pathway to enter the field.

See Geometry RTG home for a complete listing of available lectures.


SMMG Videos

The Saturday Morning Math Group is a UT sponsored outreach programs aimed at junior high and high school students, their teachers, and their parents.

See SMMG home for a complete listing of available SMMG videos.


Math Club Videos

Math Club is the Undergraduate Mathematics Research Group at The University of Texas at Austin. The group meet on Wednesdays from 5 to 7pm, in the 12th floor lounge in PMA.


See here for a listing of our Math Club videos.