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Research Faculty

  • Todd J. Arbogast arbogast@math.utexas.edu: Research interests include Modeling and Numerical Analysis of Partial Differential Equations and Scientific Computing.
  • Luis Caffarelli caffarel@math.utexas.edu: Research interests include Harmonic Analysis, Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, Free Boundary Problems, and Homogenization.
  • Thomas Chen tc@math.utexas.edu: Research area includes analysis and mathematical physics, in particular spectral and dynamical problems in quantum field theory, random Schrödinger operators, macroscopic scaling limits of quantum dynamics, and Hamiltonian dynamics
  • Matias Delgadino matias.delgadino@utexas.edu: Nonlinear PDE, self-organization phenomena. 
  • Bjorn Engquist engquist@math.utexas.edu: Research interests include Computational Mathematics, Computational Science, Numerical Analysis, and Applied Mathematics.
  • Irene Martinez Gamba gamba@math.utexas.edu: Research interests include Applied Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations.
  • Oscar Gonzalez og@math.utexas.edu: Research interests include Computational and Applied Mathematics, Mechanics, and modeling the mechanical properties of DNA at various length scales.
  • Maria Pia Gualdani gualdani@math.utexas.edu: Research interests include Applied Partial Differential Equations, Kinetic theory, Nonlinear Parabolic Equations, Mean Field Games
  • Hans Koch koch@math.utexas.edu: Research interests include Mathematical Physics, Statistical Mechanics, Dynamical Systems.
  • Per-Gunnar Martinsson pgm@ices.utexas.edu: Research interests include Scientific Computation, Numerical PDEs, Numerical Linear Algebra, Large Data Sets.
  • Joe Neeman jneeman@math.utexas.edu: Research interests include Probability and its Applications.
  • Charles Radin radin@math.utexas.edu: Research interests include Mathematical Physics and Discrete Geometry.
  • Lorenzo Sadun sadun@math.utexas.edu: Research interests include quantum mechanics, nonperiodic tilings, adiabatic limits of wave equations, and other problems of bith physical and geometric interest.
  • Thibaud O. Taillefumier taillef@math.utexas.edu: Research interests include theoretical neuroscience, design principles of neural networks, optimization theory, stochastic dynamics, information theory, non-equilibrium thermodynamics.
  • Ngoc Mai Tran ntran@math.utexas.edu: Research interests include tropical geometry, probability, combinatorics, economics and neuroscience.
  • Yen-Hsi Richard Tsai ytsai@math.utexas.edu: Research interests include Computational Mathematics, Computational Science, Numerical Analysis, and Applied Mathematics.
  • Alexis Vasseur vasseur@math.utexas.edu: Research interests include Partial Differential Equations, Navier-Stokes equations, Hyperbolic conservation laws, Kinetic equations, and Hydrodynamic limits.
  • Mikhail M. Vishik vishik@math.utexas.edu: Research interests include Mathematical Problems of Fluid Dynamics, and Partial Differential Equations.