The Math Department accepts students interested in pursuing a PhD in pure or applied mathematics, and students interested in a Master's degree in actuarial science.  All students admitted to the PhD program are offered financial support.

Admission to the Math Department is highly competitive.  In recent years, we have seen almost 400 students per year apply to be among an incoming class of usually no more than twenty students.

The Department's Graduate Admissions Committee will consider the following factors in arriving at its decision concerning the admission of an applicant:

  • Undergraduate academic record, especially performance in upper-division, conceptually oriented mathematics classes;
  • Performance in prior graduate mathematics courses (if applicable);
  • Letters of recommendation;
  • The contents of the personal statement, especially as they relate to the intellectual preparedness of the applicant to undertake graduate studies in mathematics or to special circumstances in an applicant's background that might indicate the potential for success in a graduate mathematics program;
  • Undergraduate research experience;
  • Performance on the GRE (general and subject); and
  • Performance on the TOEFL (if applicable).

To be competitive, a candidate usually needs a program of coursework like the following (this is only a guideline; and it is possible, particularly for students in applied mathematics, to be competitive with more varied backgrounds):

  • A standard set of introductory undergraduate courses would include the calculus sequence, linear algebra, and differential equations.
  • A solid set of advanced undergraduate courses would include two semesters of proof-based analysis, two semesters of proof-based abstract algebra, and at least one of topology.
  • A variety of other classes, like complex analysis or probability or differential geometry help with breadth.
  • The best predictor of success in any graduate program is success in one or more introductory graduate courses.

If you are accepted for admission to our graduate program, you will automatically be considered for financial assistance; so no separate application for financial assistance is required.

In special circumstances, we also consider students applying for admission without financial support from us. If you do not need financial assistance because you expect  external funding from another source, and would like to be considered for admission without support, you should indicate this clearly in your statement  of purpose, including the source and amount of funding you expect to receive. Applicants claiming external support should not in general expect to be offered financial assistance by the math department, and may be asked to provide proof of external funding before admissions decisions are made.

Students interested in statistics should apply to the Division of Statistics.  Students interested in a Master's degree in math education may be interested in applying to the Science and Mathematics Education Program offered in the College of Education.


Application Instructions

Applications are currently closed and will re-open in mid-September. The Math Department cannot guarantee materials submitted to the Graduate School before notice via this website of re-opening of applications will receive consideration.The deadline for applying for Fall 2018 is December 15, 2017. The Math Department cannot guarantee that materials received after the application deadline will receive consideration.  If all materials required by the Graduate School are not complete by the deadline, then we cannot make a decision on an application. We do not admit new students in the Spring or Summer semesters.





Contact Information:

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For questions about our application procedures, please contact the Graduate Coordinator:


Telephone:  512-475-8137

For questions about the Department of Mathematics graduate program, please contact the Graduate Adviser:


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