SAGE: Symposia on Analysis of Geometric Evolution


SAGE is the name of a sequence of five annual workshops designed to integrate research, graduate education, and undergraduate outreach. Each workshop will focus on geometric evolution equations and their applications.


The first SAGE workshop will take place May 7–11 at the University of Texas at Austin. Its topics will be

Kähler–Ricci solitons, Kähler–Ricci flow, and Fano manifolds.


Please see the links below for the schedules of the research, graduate education, and undergraduate outreach components of the workshop:


Participant List


Bradley Anderson (Texas)

Cristina Caputo (Texas)

Albert Chau (Waterloo)

Kenneth Chu (Texas)

Richard Hamilton * (Columbia)

Bianca Santoro (Duke)

Natasa Sesum (Columbia)

Jian Song (Johns Hopkins)

Jacob Sturm (Rutgers)

Valentino Tosatti (Harvard)

Ben Weinkove (Harvard)

Andrea Young (Texas)


* tentative

Information for Participants

Austin-Bergstrom Airport

Finding lodging

Finding the math department

Places to eat near campus


SAGE is supported by the National Science Foundation (CAREER award DMS-0545984). Invited participants will be reimbursed for travel, hotel, and daily expenses, up to a prearranged maximum.