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                   Functions of a Complex Variable

Check out   the assignments as they appear. 

Firstday handout

Homework 2 (due Sept 22)

Homework 3 (due Sept 22 as well)

Homework 4 (due Sept 29)

Homework 5 (due Oct 6)

Homework 6 (October 13)

Homework 7 (October 20)

Homework 8 (Not to be handed in).

Homework 9 (November 3).

Homework 10 (November 10)

Homework 11(November 17)

Last Homework (12) (Due December 4)

Tentative dates for exams:  Sept 29 (note change from first day handout)(hints for study), October 20(hints for study), November 17  (hints for study)  Final will be handed out in class Dec 4 and is due in class Dec 8.  Here are special office hours during the last week of class.

Take-home final is available here.

Office hours:  M 1-2, Tu 2-3 W 2:30-3:30  F at 3:30

Links to visualization programs (for other complex variable courses)

Complex maps

Moebius transformations

Complex Differentiation

Multivalued maps

More on Mappings  (There are more links at the end of this page)