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CalcLab is a place for students enrolled in calculus courses at UT to work with classmates and receive help on calculus problems.  CalcLab is run by the Mathematics department, and is staffed with current calculus teaching assistants, as well as advanced undergraduate learning assistants.

CalcLab will OPEN soon for the spring semester!

CalcLab will start off online for the first week of the Spring 2022 semester. It will start running via Zoom on Monday, January 24th, and will move to in-person mode the week after, provided University guidelines do not change.

While CalcLab is on Zoom, you may need to wait for the TAs to start the meeting, and you may need to wait before a TA or LA can answer your question.  Please speak up or use the "raise hand" function if you have a question, or enter your questions in the chat.

Please observe proper online meeting etiquette, such as keeping your microphone muted until it's your turn to speak, and having a quiet, clean, and work-appropriate background. 

We encourage you to use CalcLab as a virtual work/study space, and you are welcome to request a CalcLab breakout room with your study group.

Regular hours for Spring 2022, beginning Monday, January 24th:

Monday: 2-7pm

Tuesday: 2-7pm

Wednesday: 2-7pm

Thursday: 3-5pm

Friday: 3-4pm


CalcLab Schedule 

Below are the CalcLab schedules for graduate student TAs and for undergraduate LAs.



   Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 2-3        CLOSED  CLOSED
 4-5          CLOSED
 5-6        CLOSED  CLOSED
 6-7        CLOSED  CLOSED
*TAs teaching 408M
TAs teaching 408Q
^TAs teaching 408R


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday




5-6pm      CLOSED
6-7pm        CLOSED CLOSED 

Online Learning Modules

We have a set of online learning modules for all of our calculus courses.