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There are many mathematics-related special programs at The University of Texas at Austin. Here are a few our undergraduates may benefit from.


Dean's Scholars

The Dean's Scholars Honors Program creates the experience of a small college with all of the resources and advantages of a large research university.
PAI 3.04
The Directed Reading Program (DRP) is an RTG program of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin. DRP pairs undergraduate students with graduate student mentors to undertake independent projects in mathematics. Any undergraduate student may apply for DRP and, if accepted, will be assigned an appropriate graduate mentor. 

Email us at drp@math.utexas.edu

Freshman Research Initiative (FRI)

The FRI offers first year students the opportunity to initiate and engage in authentic research experiences with faculty and graduate students in areas such as chemistry, biochemistry, nanotechnology, molecular biology and computer sciences.
PAI 3.04

Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL)

The goal of Inquiry-Based Learning is to help students change from being purely consumers of mathematics to producers of mathematical concepts and proofs. IBL classes give students experience with some aspects of independent research.
PMA 11.122

Natural Sciences Career Services

Career Services serves the career development needs of CNS students and the recruitment needs of employers.
PAI 5.03

Sanger Learning and Career Center

The Sanger Learning & Career Center is a resource for academic support and career development.
JES A115

Texas Interdisciplinary Plan (TIP)

The Texas Interdisciplinary Plan's mission is to transform the learning experience for its students by creating small academic communities that first promotes academic excellence and then encourages intellectual investment.
FAC 334

CNS Cornerstones

CNS Cornerstones communities provide first-year students with a small community of friends, colleagues and mentors to help them adjust to campus life. The CNS Cornerstones program also helps provide guidance throughout your four years in the College of Natural Sciences so you are ready to succeed on campus and after graduation.

Honors Programs

There are several challenging honors-track programs for entering freshmen and other students in the College of Natural Sciences.
PAI 5.37

Women in Natural Sciences (WINS)

The Women in Natural Sciences program is designed to promote the recruitment, retention and success of women at all levels throughout the College of Natural Sciences.
WCH 1.106