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This form lets you select options related to calendar display.

  • Language: Choose one among the several supported languages. If your language is not listed. You can help by translating the file English.perl to your language and send it to me. I'll include it in future releases.

  • Author Name: Select a format to display event authors. Authors can be displayed using calendar name, or real name or both.

  • Default View: Choose a default view, a combination of day/week/month/year and block/list/fancy list views. This default setting is used when you login to your calendar.

  • Day View Options: select day view style. You have three choices, a combined view, a detailed view and banner view.

  • Calendar Type: Change your calendar type if needed.

  • Default Event Privacy: Choose a default privacy level for new events. This value will be applied to new events as default. You can change the privacy level on individual events at any time.

  • Conflict Resolution Mode: Decide whether to allow schedule conflicts. Choices are: yes, no and never. If yes is selected, schedule conflict checking is omitted when entering new events to your calendar. If no is choosen, conflict checking will be performed, a warning message will be issued if conflict is found before the event is entered to your calendar, you may disregard the conflict or reschedule. If never is your choice, conflicting events will not be allowed on your calendar.

Last updated: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 17:50:46 CST
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