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Logan Stokols, RLM 11.176: A Nonlocal Hypoelliptic Equation
Friday, March 08, 2019, 03:00pm - 04:00pm
An equation is called hypoelliptic when it is elliptic in onevariable but hyperbolic in another variable (though it's a coincidencethat the word looks like a portmanteau). The basic example isa kinetic equation with regularization in v but transport inx. The C-infinity theory was first explored in the 60s by Kolmogorovand Hormander, while the Sobolev theory was developed in the80s and is still an active research area today, and the Holdertheory didn't get started until 2016. I'll be presenting a Holderregularity result for a class of nonlocal hypoelliptic equations,based on a paper I preprinted to the Arxiv a month ago.
Location: RLM 11.176

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