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Gill Grindstaff, RLM 11.176: Geometric comparison of phylogenetic trees with different leaf sets
Wednesday, September 18, 2019, 10:00am - 11:00am
The metric space of phylogenetic trees defined by Billera, Holmes,and Vogtmann (BHV space), is a non-positively curved cube complexwith combinatorial properties which provides a natural geometricsetting for describing collections of trees on the same set oftaxa. However, it is sometimes necessary to analyze collectionsof trees on non-identical taxa sets, and in this context it isnot evident how to apply BHV techniques. Davidson et al. recentlyapproached this problem by describing a combinatorial algorithmextending tree "topologies" to regions in higher dimensionaltree spaces, so that one can quickly compute which topologiescontain a given tree as partial data. In this talk, I'll presenta refinement of their algorithm for metric trees, to give a fullcharacterization of the space of extensions of a subtree as asubset of BHV. This algorithm can be used to define and searcha space of possible supertrees and, for a collection of treefragments with different leaf sets, to measure their compatibility.
Location: RLM 11.176

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