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Junior Geometry
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Riccardo Pedrotti, Zoom: How can we count surfaces representing a given class in $H_2(X)$?
Tuesday, March 23, 2021, 03:45pm - 04:45pm
As the title suggests, I'll try to address this innocent-looking question but more importantly, I'll focus on what can possibly go wrong in trying to answering it. Spoiler alert: a lot. Incredibly enough working in a symplectic setting will give us a lot of mileage thanks to a strong connection between topology, analysis and algebra that we can exploit here. To my knowledge, the question is still not fully answered but the techniques involved have far reaching (spin^c) connections in the realm of 4-manifolds theory. Anyone interested in knowing more about what symplectic geometry is about, the wild world of 4-manifolds or to hear a more geometric viewpoint on classic algebraic geometry topics is more than welcomed to join. The first half of the talk is going to be pretty elementary (a.k.a. (co)homology), while in the second part I'll focus on the main ideas in order to keep the necessary background to a minimum.
Location: Zoom

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