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Pallavi Panda, Zoom (link below): Strip deformations of hyperbolic surfaces with spikes
Monday, May 03, 2021, 02:00pm - 03:00pm
Abstract: Strip deformations along embedded arcs were used by Danciger-Gu?ritaud-Kassel for parametrising those infinitesimal deformations of a convex cocompact hyperbolic surface that uniformly lengthen all closed geodesics of the surface. During my thesis, I have generalised this result firstly for some small non-compact surfaces (polygons), and then to general hyperbolic surfaces with spikes (missing points from the boundary) that are decorated with horoballs. I shall talk about some simple examples and state the main theorems. One of the applications is to parametrise the space of all Margulis space-times with convex cocompact linear part and decorated with pairs of non-intersecting light-like lines called photons. https://utexas.zoom.us/j/99824268289
Location: Zoom (link below)

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