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Geometry And String Theory
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Charlie Reid, PMA 8.136: Celestial Holography meets Twisted Holography
Wednesday, May 04, 2022, 12:00pm - 01:00pm
We will summarize recent work of Costello and Paquette which brings together celestial holography and twisted holography to give recipes for scattering amplitudes of 4D Yang-Mills theory. Yang-Mills can be viewed as a deformation of self-dual Yang-Mills. Costello and Paquette take this perspective and express scattering amplitudes as power series in the deformation parameter, whose coefficients are integrals over certain scattering amplitudes of the self-dual theory. These self-dual scattering amplitudes are obtained from OPE's of a celestial chiral algebra, and OPE's of the bulk self-dual Yang-Mills. After summarizing these results, we will take some time to recall how twistor space works, then try to motivate what seems to be the central idea of the paper: applying twisted holography to a holomorphic field theory on twistor space can recover the celestial chiral algebra of the corresponding theory on Minkowski space.
Location: PMA 8.136

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