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Formerly known as UGTA (Undergraduate Teaching Assistant) and/or LA (Learning Assistant)


The duties of an Undergraduate Course Assistant (UGCA) can vary from course to course and are determined by the instructor or TA. The following is a list of duties that a UGCA may have:

  • Facilitate class activities (walk around, answer questions, check-in with groups, distribute materials, etc.)
  • Grade assignments and quizzes (UGCAs cannot grade exams)
  • Hold office hours
  • Run supplementary review sessions
  • Prepare review guides or supplementary problem sets
  • Prepare instructional materials and make copies
  • Proctor (under the direct supervision of the instructor of record or TA)
  • UGCAs of Calculus classes are expected to assist in CalcLab for one hour per week

criteria for selection of UGCA

  • Undergraduate majors who have received excellent grades in M408C and D (or equivalents) and in any upper-division mathematics courses taken.
  • Undergraduate majors who have completed their Freshman year.
  • Enrolled in minimum 12 academic credit hours for the semester. Seniors enrolled in their last semester before graduating are exempt from this requirement.
  • Student must be located in Austin.

Eligibility Considerations/Requirements

  • Evidence of outstanding scholarship in M408C and D (or equivalent) and any upper-division mathematics courses taken.
  • Undergraduate assistants must be working toward their first degree and be registered for 12 hours in the semester in which they are employed. Seniors in their last semester before graduating may be enrolled in less than 12 hours if a fewer amount of hours are required to graduate.
  • Students on Probation can not be hired, regardless of having high grades in Mathematics.
  • Students who have been held in violation of University Standards of Conduct may not be eligible.

Each student selected as a UGCA in the Mathematics Department may be asked questions to determine their proficiency in the course the student will assist.

All new UGCA's must present proof of eligibility for employment by completing Employee Onboarding Tasks in Workday. Tasks will be available for you to complete via Workday upon acceptance of employment. A criminal background check is conducted for all new university employees. 

For new UT employees, you will be required to complete forms and submit original documentation that establish your eligibility to work in the United States within the first three days of your employment. For a list of acceptable documents for this process, please see: https://www.uscis.gov/i-9-central/form-i-9-acceptable-documents

New Student Employee Checklist

UGCAs are typically appointed to 10 hours per week, depending on such factors as class size, frequency and type of assistance required, etc.

CNS UGCA Resources


UGCA positions are open to work-study student candidates. If you have been awarded work-study, you will need to provide your work-study award verification after accepting a UGCA position offer.

Submit your application

If you have any questions, or are a graduating senior who will be enrolled in less than 12 hours, please contact Peter Corrao.

The online UGCA application is here