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The Department of Mathematics offers a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree. Each Fall, about 15 students embark on the challenges, rewards and camaraderie of our program as they pursue advanced training and original research in mathematics.  The department also offers a Master of Arts (MA) degree with a focus in Actuarial Mathematics, enrolling about 2 students per year, and laying foundations for satisfying actuarial and statistical careers.  Note that we do not offer Masters programs in other areas of mathematics.

Our community of 85-90 graduate students, in both Ph.D. and MA programs, is tight-knit and mutually supportive; diverse and inclusive with respect to groups traditionally under-represented in mathematics; ambitious and high-achieving.  While the majority of our students are American, we also have a large international community, currently representing countries on six continents.  We believe that our diversity—with respect to gender, race and ethnicity, geographic origin, and many other variables—positively impacts our whole community.

We are proud of our students and their successes.  UT Mathematics Ph.D. students make discoveries and advances in subjects ranging from knot theory to fluid dynamics, algebraic geometry to the mathematics of investment.  Among our recent Ph.D. graduates, the majority have sought postdoctoral research positions.  Of those, a high proportion have been successful in their job-searches, in many cases brilliantly so; and several have gone on to tenure-track appointments at universities including MIT, UC Davis, U. Penn, and the University of Oregon.  A substantial proportion of our graduates take up high-skilled jobs at companies in finance, tech, data-science, and engineering, ranging from well-known giants (Google, Netflix, Boeing, etc.) to start-ups.  Still others have pursued careers in teaching or in government.

Our Mathematics Ph.D. program is regularly ranked among the best.  The US News & World Report survey published in 2019 was typical, placing it 14th in the US.


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