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All new Academic Graduate Student Employees (TA/AI/GRA) must present proof of eligibility for employment by completing Employee Onboarding Tasks in Workday. Tasks will be available for you to complete via Workday upon acceptance of employment. A criminal background check is conducted for all new university employees. 

New Student Employee Checklist

International Student Employee Checklist


Teaching Assistant (TA)

The Graduate Adviser and Graduate Program Coordinator will assign TA jobs and notify you of those assignments as soon as possible.  Please note that there are many variables that we consider in determining job assignments, as well as many external factors which we cannot control.  As such, 1) while you are able to let us know of your preferences, you are not able to choose your job assignment, and 2) we are not able to notify you of your assignment details until a few weeks before the semester starts.

All Mathematics TA's are required to take our M 398T "Supervised Teaching in Mathematics" course.  This course must be taken no later than the first semester in which you are assigned as a TA, and the course is only offered in Fall.  Therefore, if you will be a TA in Fall or Spring, you must take the course in your Fall semester of that year.

More about Teaching Assistantships here.

If you are a non-math graduate student and would like to apply to become a Teaching Assistant, read more here.


Graduate Research Assistant (GRA)

Some of our faculty members have their own research grants which allow them to provide financial support to graduate students.  These faculty will decide which student(s) to support and will notify the student(s) and the Graduate Adviser and Graduate Program Coordinator. 


Academic Graduate Student Employee Insurance Options

Both a TA and GRA are considered Academic Graduate Students (AGS). An AGS employee is benefits eligible if expected to work for at least 20 scheduled weekly hours (SWH) for at least 4.5 months (135 calendar days).  For details on benefits, see the UT Human Resources page on Insurance and Benefits for Student Employees and Academic Graduate Student Employee Insurance Options.

International students are required by the UT Board of Regents to have medical insurance.  For this reason, ISSS at Texas Global automatically enrolls international students in their insurance plan upon registration and the fee is added to your tuition bill.  However, as an AGS you are eligible to receive insurance benefits, and therefore you may request a waiver of their insurance by visiting their insurance waiver website.


Appointment duration information

  • Fall semester: August 16 - December 31

  • Spring semester: January 1 - May 15

  • Summer semester: May 16 - August 15

For example, the first day of Fall classes is the last Wednesday of August, and the last day of Fall exams may be during the second week of December.  Looking at this example, while you may be expected to start work before your appointment technically begins, you will continue to be paid for the appointment for several weeks after your responsibility has ended.



Your first paycheck for Fall will be received approximately October 1st (paydays are the first working day of each month.  For a list, see: Payroll.  Your October 1 paycheck will be for work performed September 1-30. 


Tuition Assistance

TAs, AIs and GRAs (considered Academic Graduate Student employees) in the Mathematics Department receive two forms of tuition assistance that covers full-time tuition cost (full-time tuition is considered being registered for 9 credits per semester in the Fall and Spring and 3 credits during the summer):


Resident Tuition Entitlement

Specific for non-Texas residents only.  If you are a Texas resident, do not request this waiver.  This benefit allows you to pay tuition at the in-state rate.  You must request this benefit via the tuition waiver website and you must request this for every semester you are appointed as a TA or GRA.


Tuition Reduction Benefit

The Tuition Reduction Benefit (TRB) is directly applied to your tuition bill. The benefit is not always available to GRAs. Check with the Graduate Program Coordinator for more information.

After the in-state tuition waiver and the TRB have been applied to your bill, the remaining balance is your responsibility to pay.  There are several ways to pay for your UT Education, If you need assistance paying your tuition bill on time, short term tuition loans are available for the remaining balance of your tuition bill. More information on paying your tuition here.

Visit your tuition bill page.

For information on how to navigate your tuition bill, read the tuition bill help guide.

Please note that while UT provides a tuition payment deadline date, your appointment cannot be finalized until your tuition balance is zero and/or your tuition bill has been confirmed (even with a zero dollar balance, you must confirm your tuition bill in order to secure your classes).